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Our Spring Break Selfie Contest Finalists!

Our “Spring Break Selfie” Contest Finalists!

— April 24, 2015 —

The submission and voting period for Wegozo’s first spring break selfie contest ended two days ago.  It was a huge success!  We received some truly amazing entries!

In all, over 50 people submitted cool travel-related selfies, and thousands of votes were cast.

Right now, a jury is deciding who among the finalists will receive a Visa gift card for first prize!

While that is going on, let’s give a big shout-out and round of applause to the finalists.  Their selfies all reflect a sense of fun, adventure, and personal flair while traveling.  (And the photos will make the rest of us VERY JEALOUS!)

Here are the finalists (with their Instagram names):

Kite surfing in Turks & Caicos

Kite surfing in Turks & Caicos

@cillajohnson calls herself a dream chaser and adventure hunter.  After seeing her selfie, we understand why!  This pic was taken while kite boarding in Longbay Beach, Turks & Caicos.  That’s talent AND paradise, people!  Sick!

Along the banks of the Arno River in Florence

Along the banks of the Arno River in Florence

@j.j_the_nomad is a study abroad student and budding world traveler.  Her selfie was taken with a friend along the banks of the Arno River in the old part of Florence, Italy.  The photo’s gorgeous backdrop of pastel-colored riverfront buildings mixed with the sun’s luminous rays — not to mention the two friends’ blissful grins — say it all.

Great shot -- how was the landing?

Great shot — how was the landing?

@topnotchtommy is a thrill seeker who sent us this selfie from Blue Hole lagoon near Austin, Texas.  The pic shows him looking perfectly calm while jumping off a limestone cliff.  Great action shot, @topnotchtommy!  We wonder:  How did the landing go?

Skydiving over Interlaken

Skydiving over Interlaken

@meghandowney sent us another amazing action shot.  In this selfie, she is seen skydiving over Interlaken, Switzerland.  The beautiful snow-capped peaks below must have been a breathtaking vista.  Thumbs up to you, @meghandowney!

Who has bigger teeth?

Who has nicer teeth?

@isthisreal is a Brazilian travel photographer who has some truly amazing pics on Instagram.  For the selfie contest, he selected a rather light-hearted entry.  In this shot he is seen comparing grins with a camel in Quarzazate, Morocco. 

Aloha from under the sea

Aloha from under the sea

@abba_cdabra is a self-styled mermaid who lives in Hawaii.  She submitted this cool pic from her tropical home.  You can tell she loves the sea!  Great shot!  When can we visit?

Thanks again to all the finalists and for everyone else who participated in the contest! (and stay tuned for our upcoming summer photo contest on Instagram !).

The winner will be announced very soon.

Which finalist would you choose?


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