Gaudi’s Casa Milà

Casa Milà in Barcelona.  Photo taken at sunset in October 2014 by Clara Brahimy.

Casa Milà in Barcelona. Photo taken at sunset in October 2014 by Clara Brahimy.

Photo contributed by Clara Brahimy.


Antonio Gaudí designed several amazing structures in Barcelona.

One of them is Casa Milà. Sometimes referred to as La Pedrera (“the quarry” in Spanish), it was built for a wealthy family beginning in 1906. Today it is one of the iconic images on Passeig de Gracia — Barcelona’s most prestigious boulevard.

It is hard to describe the building to those who are unfamiliar with Gaudí. The exterior resembles an open quarry, but at the same time the modernist design might just as well be a space capsule. Emerging from the roof are several surreal spires that, if you think about it, look like the masks worn by Stormtroopers in Star Wars. Needless to say, Gaudi was way ahead of his time!

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  1. Alyssa Norton 3 years ago

    @clarabrahimy would you suggest going here with a friend that is visiting from back in that states or is it something that would be better done with parents? Also have you been to the other Gaudi Casa? If so, which one did you prefer

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