Where to Eat Brunch in Barcelona

By Alyssa Norton —

Whether it is a Sunday morning after a late Saturday night, or a leisurely Friday afternoon with friends, brunch is always a good option. After spending two months in Barcelona, I have discovered a few great places that I highly recommend for a tasty mid-day treat!


Picnic Restaurant

Picnic Restaurant (located at c/ Comercio 1) is an excellent stop before visiting the Arc de Triomf or the Parc de la Ciutadella. With great outdoor and indoor seating, Picnic has charm along with amazing food. Some of the terrific items on offer are the pulled pork, eggs benedict, and fried green tomatoes.  No matter what you choose, you won’t be disappointed. Don’t forget to order a Bellini or Chipotle Bloody Mary to go along with your meal!


Brunch & Cake

Located in the L’Eixample district at c/ Enrique Granados 19, Brunch & Cake is a smart option before a fun afternoon of shopping or before visiting some of the Gaudi sites. Unfortunately, they do not take reservations, so make sure to get there early if you have a big day planned. Not only does this place have a quaint vibe and delicious brunch menu,  they also have amazing baked goods. Some of their best dishes include the eggs benedict on a waffle or hot dog, the brunch special with a half sandwich and a salad with a truffled fried egg on top, and anything with guacamole. You shouldn’t forget to order a slice of their delicious Nutella cake or banana bread and some freshly squeezed orange juice to accompany your meal.  Note that a sister restaurant, Travel & Cake, is located at the corner of Rossello and Aribau.  You will find the same tasty food and buzzing ambience there.

Eggs benedict on a hot dog, feta avocado toast, the fresh fruit salad, and a cinnamon cappuccino at Brunch & Cake. Yummy!

Eggs benedict on a hot dog, feta avocado toast, the fresh fruit salad, and a cinnamon cappuccino at Brunch & Cake. Yummy!



My personal favorite on this list is Milk.  Their “Recovery Brunch” is the perfect way to get some spring back into your step after a long night out on the town.  Like Brunch & Cake, Milk does not take reservations, but luckily they are open all morning and afternoon with a prime location in the barrio gotico.   There is plenty to look at and see while you wait for a table. Some of the best brunch items here are the huevos rancheros, the Penny Farthing pancakes (two stack fluffy pancakes with banana and walnuts, served with vanilla greek yogurt and drizzled with maple syrup), and the warm goat cheese salad.  The address is c/ Gignas 21, not far from the large post office in Barcelona.

The Penny Farthing Pancakes and (in the background) French toast at Milk.

The Penny Farthing pancakes and (in the background) French toast at Milk.

  1. Tyler Sweeney 3 years ago

    Thanks Alyssa!! I enjoy brunch so might have to go Brunch & Cake sounds great!

  2. Clara Brahimy 3 years ago

    Alyssa, have you tried Dostrece on Carrer Carme? They have a bottomless mimosa/bellini option for 10euros and they make a great Eggs Benedict!

  3. Alyssa Norton 3 years ago

    I actually have been to Dostrece a couple of times and it is delicious! I particularly like their eggs benedict and they have really good onion rings! I haven’t tried that option but I will definitely next time I go.
    Also right down the street from Dostrece is a delicious chocolate and donut shop called Chok I would recommend trying!


  4. Sarah Ben-Zvi 2 years ago

    When the line at Milk is too long, I definitely recommend The Benedict! It’s right next door to Milk on Carrer Gignas. Amazing egg benedicts and sandwiches! Also, when I went they had a free pancake promotion! Definitely a great brunch.

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