Cheap & Good Food Near Plaza Cataluña

By Devon McCarthy

During my study abroad in Barcelona, I had classes every day near Plaza Cataluña.  Although this is the heart of the city, trying to find a suitable place to eat lunch there is easier said than done. Many of the spots tend to be tourist traps that offer sub-par food. It can also be difficult to find a restaurant that is not on “Spanish time” and that is quick enough to get in and out without spending too much time.  Nevertheless, if you know where to go, there are several eateries worth visiting.  Here are my four favorite spots near Plaza Cataluña.

Bacoa (Ronda de la Universitat 31)

Bacoa is a “hamburgueseria,” serving a variety of hamburgers from beef to chicken to vegetarian. This locale is great because you place and pay for your order, then sit down and your food arrives within five minutes. You can also get your burger to go, another plus.  Along with your burger, you have the option to choose from an array of fries, from the classic french fry to the traditional patatas bravas. Come to this place hungry though, as the burgers are bigger than what you might expect.

Petit Pot (Carrer del Bruc 84)

Petit Pot is a hop and a skip away from Plaza Cataluña, right across from Starbucks near Plaza Urquinaona. It’s a cozy nook that can easily be missed, however, so keep your eyes open. My favorite part about this place is that it offers numerous menus del día, giving you several quick options to choose from.  Some examples are burrata salad, empañadas, and quiche. The set menu includes a meal, beverage and coffee for roughly eight euros. This place is also a great environment for work if you want to extend your stay.

Pudding (Carrer de Pau Claris 90)

This Alice in Wonderland themed cafe definitely makes for an out of the ordinary experience. The restaurant is very spacious, so it is another great place to work. Pudding has a large menu that offers sandwiches, spanish omelettes, quiches, as well as brunch during select hours. Portions are generous considering the very reasonable price, giving you excellent value. It’s also possible to get your meal to go, great for days when you need to get somewhere else as soon as possible. Pudding became my go-to lunch spot while studying in Barcelona.

Rosa Negra (Via Laietana 46)

Rosa Negra was my favorite place to go to when I had a little more time to sit around. Although a Mexican restaurant in Barcelona might strike some as a bit odd, this spot should not be missed.  The menu is extensive, so you will be sure to find several options that sound appetizing.  If you can’t decide, the menu del día is a great solution.  For nine euros you get an appetizer, entree, beverage and dessert. This menu plan is delicious and a great way to sample many different items.

These are just a handful of my favorites.  What are your go-to spots in Barcelona?

Feature photo by Andy Mitchell

  1. katherinepav 2 years ago

    Petit Pot is great. Everyone that works there is very nice and relaxed. I stay there with a tea and do work in between classes. Very easy for a quick bite or to hang out and study.

  2. Karl Schneider 2 years ago

    Also in the area, a restaurant called Organics has healthy options for a small premium of a price. Good vibes 🙂

  3. Jackie Bae 2 years ago

    Teresa Carles is a delicious, vegetarian restaurant with great juices and menu del dia, 6~7 minute walk from IES.
    Surya is a great Indiana restaurant with the cutest, friendliest owner and great music, 3~4 minute walk from IES.
    Woki Organic Market is a very healthy version of Wok to Walk, not quite cheap, but a 5 minute walk from IES.

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